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UBB codes

UBB codes are used to add formatting to guestbook and forum messages. UBB codes are used instead of the normal HTML tags because incorrect HTML usage may break the layout of the page, and enabling plain HTML will also allow the use of unwanted HTML tags.

This page lists and explains the use of UBB codes that Freebok supports. New codes will be added if necessary.

UBB code tags are highlighted.


You can add a hyperlink to the text by surrounding the address with [link] tags as shown below. The http:// part of the address is not mandatory.

  • [link][/link]

You can add text to the link by using the following format:

  • [link=]Freebok[/link]

This will produce a link like this: Freebok

Email link

Email links are created in the same way as the page links. The tag for email links is [email]:

  • [email][/email]

You can add text to the link:

  • []Freebok staff[/email]

This will produce a link linke this: Freebok staff


You can include a picture within the message or text by using the [img] tag:

  • [img][/img]

NOTE! The [img] tag support may be disabled on some forums to prevent objectionable images from being viewed.

Bold and italics

You can make bold or italicized text by using the [b] and [i] tags.

  • [b]Bold[/b]
  • [i]Italic[/i]

Formatted text

If you write text that needs to retain the formatting you can use the [code] tag. This is useful for HTML, JavaScript and other types of sample codes.

  • [code]<script language="JavaScript">
    alert("Hello world!");